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About us

Women in Space Sweden (WISS) is a professional network on a mission to build a stronger community among women and non-binary, to empower women in their careers as well as to inspire girls and more women to a future in the space industry.

The network is created by and for those with a background in, actively working in, studying or just curious and want to learn more about the space sector.

WISS is a movement led by its members and through providing a platform for networking, capacity building, role modeling, inspiration and advocacy we want to encourage, enable and empower women to reach for the stars.

By strengthening the awareness, skills and capacity of individuals and institutions to promote and practice equality and women’s empowerment, we also want to contribute to an inclusive and sustainable future for the space industry.

The benefits of space must reach women and girls and women and girls must also play an active and equal role in space science, technology, innovation, and exploration. It is further well proven that diversity of skills and perspectives leads to greater innovation and success.

We need and want more women to be a part of that success!

Our work

Women in Space Sweden action areas include

We connect women and non-binary in the industry, and those interested, by building a community and providing a platform where individuals can share and learn from each other, to both inspire and empower them in their daily work and further development

    • Monthly online meetups
    • Networking events
    • Working committees
    • Knowledge transfer and inspiration to further promote women in space


We aim to facilitate capacity building and a mentoring program offering connections, coaching and hands on training and experience, enabling and empowering individuals as they strive to progress in their careers. Further we are creating a directory of women for key notes, expert hearings, panels and interviews

  • Informal coaching and support through the networks
  • Formalised mentoring program
  • Fellowship with hands on training
  • Directory of subject matter experts and speakers

We role model, connect and communicate the opportunities of STEM education and careers to students, to motivate and encourage more girls and non-binary to a future in space. We also share and communicate news or events in our channels to highlight ongoing activities in the industry

  • Guest speakers and visits with schools to engage with students
  • Partnerships with youth organisations, for ex Astronomisk Ungdom, for space camps, talks, careers fairs etc.
  • Role modelling


Women in Space Sweden was initiated in 2018 on the back of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) kicking off Space4Women, a global project to promote women’s empowerment in space.

To succeed in addressing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and work towards the 2030 Agenda, we must ensure that the benefits of space reach women and girls and that women and girls play an active and equal role in space science, technology, innovation, and exploration.

Currently women represent 20-22% of the space industry workforce, which is on par with the percentage from 30 years ago. Women CEOs represent only 19% of the leaders in aerospace and defense and women earn 23 percent less than men, globally.

Today only around 30 percent of the world’s STEM researchers are women. If we look at the 560 people who have traveled to space, only 11 percent were women. 225 spacewalks have been made, but women have only participated in 15 of them. The only all-female spacewalk was as recent as 2019 by astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir.

Although women represent half the world’s population, STEM fields, which are known for advancing human ingenuity and potential, are not fully representing what women and girls can offer. Further, 90% of future jobs will require STEM related skills and women must possess skills and education to be competitive in the future employment market.

We want and need more women and girls to be a part of and build the future in space!