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Susanna Lewenhaupt

WISS Meets Susanna Lewenhaupt – CEO at Beppo and co-producer/co-host of the podcast “Har vi åkt till Mars än/Have we gone to Mars yet”?

What do you do at work?
Running a sound production company gives me the opportunity to explore a vast range of topics through the different shows that are recorded in our studios. Space has become a large part of my day to day life since I started my own show – Have we gone to Mars yet? together with my partner Marcus Pettersson. We talk to the brightest minds about all the things that need to be sorted before we can put a person on the surface of Mars.

Why is space important?
We are facing huge challenges on Earth, and sometimes it’s daunting to just think about the future. But by looking up into the skies we will find that the work that is put into the exploration of the Universe will actually provide solutions to a lot of the problems down here! By preparing for that trip to Mars we will get stuff like water purification techniques, advanced medical instruments and new materials that will help us Earthlings cope with what’s to come. Not to mention all the information we get from satellites that enable us to act on weather events, fires and pollution before it goes out of hand. The solutions are out there!

What are your best tips to the one who’s curious about work in the space industry?
Follow your spark! If it is within physics, astronomy, biology, psychology, medicine, arts or communication – space can be found in every field. 

And reach out to people that know more than you do. Curiosity is a superpower, and people generally like to talk about what they are good at!

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